About Us

Wild Water Fly Fishing
The Best Value in Fly Fishing

Wild Water Fly Fishing was founded in 2006 to create the best combination of features, service and price in the fly fishing equipment industry. We are a fly fishing only company. We do have some dealers but primarily sell our products online.
We offer the following fly fishing products:
  • fly rods
  • fly reels
  • fly line
  • tapered and furled leaders
  • backing
  • tippet
  • flies
  • fly boxes
  • fly rod cases
  • framed Atlanitic Salmon flies
Wild Water Fly Fishing's HX2 Series fly rods are Assembled in USA!
Wild Water Fly Fishing's furled leaders are Made in USA!
Feel free to contact us.
Mailing Address:
Wild Water Fly Fishing
P.O. Box 603
Ontario, NY 14519
(585)-967-3474 (FISH)