Complete 9/10 Fly Fishing Starter Package for Saltwater

If you have the uncontrollable urge to catch the really big fish on a fly rod but don't want to break the bank to just "try it out" this package for you. You get Wild Water's new 9/10 weight, 9' 4 piece IM6 graphite fly rod, a powerful center disc drag die cast aluminum large arbor reel preloaded with backing a weight forward (10 weight) floating fly line and a 9' 0X tapered leader, a rod sock, a rod case, a fly box with three fly patterns (1 Candy Eel, 2 Swimming Crabs and 2 Red and White Deceivers) and a spare leader. This rod is designed by Wild Water to be very forgiving for the beginning fly caster yet sophisticated enough for an experienced angler to appreciate. Get one, satisfy your urge to conquer the big fish and have money left over to get the picture of you and your big fish framed if you get lucky. Suitable fly pattern substations will be make if the flies pictured are unavailable.


  • Model: AX910-090-4 SW
  • Rod: 9', 4 Piece
  • Reel: 9/10 Die Cast Aluminum
  • Backing: 130 yards, 30#
  • Line: WF-10F
  • Leader: 9' 0X Tapered Monofilament (one leader loaded on reel and one spare leader)
  • Fly Box: Wild Water's Small Fly Box
  • Flies: Swimming Crab (2), Red and White Deceiver (2) and Candy Eel (1)
  • Rod Case: Wild Water' 9' Case to hold rod, reel and fly box

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