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Wild Water Fly Fishing Kit with Fiberglass Rod 9 ft, 4-Piece, 8 wt Rod


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  • FLY ROD: 8 weight, 9, 4 Piece Fiberglass fly rod. Has machined aluminum reel seat with a locking ring, 7” long, Western style cork handle with compressed cork accent rings, 1 1/2" cork extension butt, stainless steel stripper guide, stainless guides and tip top. Each section is 28.75” long. ROD CASE: 32” hard tube rod case with, reel pouch and side storage pouch with zipper. The case will hold rod, reel, fly box and all the accessories. Case has a carry strap and hang ring.
  • FLY REEL: 95mm diameter spool, CNC machined aluminum fly reel, adjustable disc drag. Comes preinstalled with dual-color (peach/olive), WF-8F, weight forward 8, floating fly line with welded loops, 30# white backing and 9’ 5X tapered monofilament leader. All Wild Water fly reels are easily changed from left to right hand retrieve.
  • FLY BOX: Large clear 6 section fly box to accommodate larger sized freshwater and saltwater flies. Comes with 7 flies total. White and Red EP Foam Diver, size 2/0, qty. 1; Red and White Pike Fly, size 3/0, qty. 1; Yellow and Red Deceiver, size 2/0, qty. 1; Blue and White Deceiver, size 2/0, qty. 1; Cone Head Black Wooly Bugger, size 2, qty. 1; Green, Orange and Yellow Deer Hair Diver, size 2/0, qty. 1; Chartreuse EP Fly, size 6/0, qty. 1.
  • SPARE LEADERS: 9’ 0X tapered monofilament leader, qty. 2 TIPPET: 0X 13 lb. test, 30 meters WIRE LEADERS: 13lb, 8 inch, 1x7 strand nylon coated stainless steel with #2 stainless snap clip and #7 stainless barrel swivel, qty. 2 ACCESSORIES: retractable reel (qty2), line nipper with nail knot tying tool & poker for cleaning hook eyes (qty1), 6” stainless forceps & instruction manual.
  • WHERE USED: This package is best suited for larger trout, large mouth bass, pike, stripers, redfish, medium to large streams, ponds, and backpacking.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Wild Water has USA customer service and returns. Call us at 585-967-3474 (FISH) for assistance. Email Wild Water if you have any questions about this product.