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Getting Started With Your Fly Fishing Kit

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Step 1 - Unboxing the Kit
Step 2 - Assemble the Rod
Step 3 - Attach the reel
Step 4 - Stringing Up the Line
Step 5 - Tying on a Fly
Fly Rods are Fragile - DON'T BREAK YOUR ROD!
Removing the Spool From the Fly Reel

Changing Retrieve Direction

Wild Water 3/4 Die Cast

Wild Water 5/6 Die Cast

Wild Water 7/8 Die Cast

Wild Water 9/10 Die Cast

Wild Water 12wt and Two-Handed Die Cast

FORTIS 75 - 75mm Machined Fly Reel

FORTIS 85 - 85mm Machine Fly Reel

FORTIS 95 - 95mm Machined Fly Reel

FORTIS 103 - 103mm Machined Fly Reel