Complete 9/10 Fly Fishing Starter Package for Saltwater

Wild Water’s Complete 9/10 starter package is perfect for any entry-level fly fisher looking to experience fly fishing first hand, but don’t want to break the bank. The Saltwater packages features Wild Water's new 9/10 weight, 9' 4 piece IM6 graphite fly rod, a powerful center disc drag die cast aluminum large arbor reel preloaded with backing a weight forward (10 weight) floating fly line and a 9' 0X tapered leader, a rod sock, a rod case, a fly box with three fly patterns (1 Candy Eel, 2 Swimming Crabs and 2 Red and White Deceivers) and a spare leader. This rod is designed by Wild Water to be very forgiving for the beginning fly caster yet sophisticated enough for an experienced angler to appreciate. Catch a big one with our sturdy IM6 graphite fly rod with the Full Wells cork grip for a strong grip handling

As fly fishing becomes more popular, Wild Water has developed a complete catalog of products for any entry-level or skilled fly fisher to get out on the water with the right tools and make a great catch. Whether you’re heading to your local pond or a trophy trout stream, you can take our Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 9/10 Fly Fishing Starter Package for Saltwater out with family or friends for a great adventure. Plus, for your peace of mind, our Wild Water Fly Fishing rods come with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, including a lifetime warranty.

Features & Specifications

  • Model: AX910-090-4 SW
  • Rod: 9', 4 Piece
  • Reel: 9/10 Die Cast Aluminum
  • Backing: 130 yards, 30#
  • Line: WF-10F
  • Leader: 9' 0X Tapered Monofilament (one leader loaded on reel and one spare leader)
  • Fly Box: Wild Water's Small Fly Box
  • Flies: Swimming Crab (2), Red and White Deceiver (2) and Candy Eel (1)
  • Rod Case: Wild Water' 9' Case to hold rod, reel and fly box

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