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Small Fly Tying Subscription | Wild Water Fly Fishing


  • MORE GEAR! Wild Water fly tying material kit boxes are filled with supplies needed to tie your own flies. Impress your friends with cool patterns that YOU tied!
  • TOP QUALITY: Material kits include hooks and items such as eyes, hackles, dubbing, fur, crystal flash, angel hair and craft fur. One spool of thread included in every material kit box along with a tied sample fly.
  • SMALL TYING KIT: This box will come with 2 different material kits for 2 patterns. Box could include nymph, dry, terrestrial, foam, or saltwater patterns. Depending on the pattern, material kit will allow you to tie 4-12 flies.
  • FREE Wild Water sticker included in every box! You can show off you love for Wild Water with one of our uniquely designed stickers--perfect for your car, boat or fly box! Box also includes a leader and 1 accessory.
  • FREE SHIPPING on all Wild Water Subscription boxes and you can cancel at any time!


If you do not have your own fly tying vise and tools get them HERE

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