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Looking around at the state of the fly fishing business Wild Water saw two problems with the saltwater and freshwater flies available – 1) nicely tied flies were too expensive 2) inexpensive flies were just cheap feathers and thread on a hook. Wild Water fixes both of these problems with our fly fishing lure supplies. Wild Water knows that good flies only come from tying using a blueprint called a pattern. If a fly doesn’t have a name and a pattern to reproduce it, it probably isn’t a very good quality fly. Wild Water only uses well-established fly patterns for all our flies. We only use skilled fly tyers. We only use name brand sources for hackles (Whiting), dubbing (Hareline Dubbin), hooks (Daiichi and Komho) and thread (UNI). Our tyers use head cement on every fly to keep the finish threads more durable for a long-lasting fly. Each pattern is inspected upon receipt from our tyers and packed into our quality assortments, packages or individual fly packs. All of our fly assortments have fly patterns that are selected for their long success in catching fish. Each assortment comes with a box for storage. We are very proud of our small fly box. It’s waterproof, it floats and it has a Wild Water designed foam insert for maximum fly storage in a small volume. You may notice we don’t have some very popular flies. Wild Water has removed all flies that use peacock hurl (Copper John and Pheasant tail nymphs, for example) from our offerings to eliminate any possibility of wild peacock being used to make our flies. In fact, we’ve taken this idea even further. All our flies use synthetic materials whenever possible and sustainable, farm-raised materials when man-made are not practical. We continue to look for ways to use only synthetic materials in our flies.