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Wild Water knows a reel mostly just holds the line but it’s nice to have a something sturdy and good looking. When the reel actually has to do the job of stopping a fish it’s good to have a nice drag. Wild Water has sweated the details of each reel to make sure they work when you need them. We tested and improved all the things we found to be lacking in other’s reels. We increased precision of the parts, improved materials, found better clutch bearings, a better drag disc and a finer drag adjustment. Wild Water's inexpensive fly reels might look almost the same but there is a lot different when you look closely. We’ve even invested in our own injection molds to fix many of the common problems that come in low priced reels in other companies’ packages. Wild Water has both die cast and CNC machined fly reels for durability and strength. All of our reels have a disc drag and can be changed between left and right hand retrieve.