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Wild Water Fly Fishing's Complete Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing

Wild Water's Primary Mission is to make fly fishing easy and accessible to all people that are new to fly fishing. We'll explain all the fly fishing terms. We'll tell you what all the fly fishing gear is for. We'll demonstrate how to use a fly rod. This is everything you need to know from the time you decide fly fishing is something you want to try through catching your first fish!

Explore these links to start learning about fly fishing!

Determine what kind of fly fishing you will be doing.

Different types of fly fishing gear

Choosing the right fly fishing gear

Common fly fishing terms you need to know.

Basic fly fishing skills.

How to Set Up Your Fly Fishing Outfit

Going fly fishing for the first time.

Fixing common fly fishing problems.

Replacing your leader and tippet.

How to Avoid Breaking Your Fly Rod

What is Tenkara fly fishing?

Fly Reel Assembly Diagrams