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Wild Water Fly Fishing Foam Fly Assortment, 40 Flies with Large 6 Section Fly Box


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Wild Water takes all the guess work out of fly assortments!! We have assembled an all foam fly assortment that will be sure to drive fish wild!! This assortment comes with our Large 6 Section Clear Fly Box and 8 very popular foam fly patterns.   These flies are great for trout, panfish and bass.



  • Wild Water's Large 6 Section Fly Box with one of each of the following patterns:
  • Blue Foam Dragonfly, size 8, qty. 5
  • Green Foam Grasshopper, size 8, qty. 5
  • Black Foam Chernobyl Ant, size 6, qty. 5
  • Black Foam Spider, size 14, qty. 5
  • Black Foam Beetle, size 14, qty. 5
  • Brown and Orange Foam Spider, size 12, qty. 5
  • Brown and Orange Foam Hopper, size 10, qty. 5
  • Black and Yellow Foam Bumblebee, size 12, qty. 5