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Wild Water Fly Fishing Terrestrial Fly Assortment, 36 Flies with Small Fly Box

Wild Water is taking the guess work of selecting the right fly patterns to use!! This Terrestrial Fly Assortment is sure to give you a fly pattern that will get that fish!! We take our Small Fly Box and load it with 6 different fly patterns, you will get a total of 6 of each of the following patterns: Winged Black Ant, size 14, Mobile Ant, size 14, Foam Beetle, size 14, Foam Spider, size 14, Parachute Hopper, size 10, and Foam Hopper, size 10.


  • Fly Box: Wild Water's Small Fly Box
  • Fly 1: Black Winged Ant, Size 12, Qty. 6
  • Fly 2: Mobile Ant, Size 14, Qty. 6
  • Fly 3: Foam Beetle, Size 14, Qty 6
  • Fly 4: Foam Spider, Size 12, Qty 6
  • Fly 5: Parachute Hopper, Size 10, Qty. 6
  • Fly 6: Foam Hopper, Size 10, Qty. 6

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