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Wild Water thinks it’s a problem that so many companies charge so much for a quality fly line. Wild Water has an extensive list of lines for every type of fly fishing. All our individual fly lines are made in Canada from 100% USA-sourced materials. Our collection of premium fly fishing lines includes a variety of weight forward fly lines including, super-fast sinking lines, fast sinking lines, intermediate sinking lines, sinking tip lines, floating lines, clear lines and hover lines. All of Wild Water’s standard weight forward lines and made to the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) standards for length and weight. Our Canadian supplier works closely with us to have the best quality on the market. Wild Water also has a few custom designed fly lines like our extra short 3-weight line for our tiny 60mm diameter fly reel and two switch lines made exclusively to cast with our 5-weight and 7-weight switch rods.