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During the warm days of spring and summer, fishing a fly along the top of the water with a popper is quite effective. Catching a fish with any top water fly is a true thrill. What makes a fly fishing popper fly? The popper fly has a large, hard, floating body that is designed to move the water as it is retrieved. Flat or concave faces at the front of the popper are usually part of the design. Some of our poppers have cylindrical bodies or pointed nose bodies that skim under the surface film just like some insects or small animals do. Balsa wood is used in the Wild Water Fly Fishing popper bodies. Hard paint coatings are used to help the fly last longer. Most Wild Water poppers have rubber legs drooping down off their sides and feathers trailing behind the body. Poppers are a favorite fly for bass fishing. Get some Wild Water poppers and have a good time.