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Customer Subscription Management

Account Login Page Link

Use the link above to log in to your Wild Water Fly Fishing account and then click the Manage Subscriptions link.

From there you can look at the details of your subscription.

The Manage Subscriptions portal will allow you to edit the following:

  • Delivery schedule – View future charge dates and make adjustments to your order.
  • Edit shipping address – Make updates to your shipping address.
  • Edit upcoming order date – Adjust your next order date.
  • Edit upcoming quantity – Adjust the number of products you receive in your next order.
  • Add products to subscriptions– Add additional products to your subscription. For example, if you have a Saltwater Fly Tying subscription, you can add a one time purchase of fluorocarbon leaders or a UV resin kit to the next month's order.
  • Swap products  Switch your subscription product for another subscription product. Using the Saltwater Fly Tying as an example, a customer subscribed to Saltwater could switch to Bass/Pike for a special fishing trip and switch back to Saltwater.
  • Skip shipment – Customers are given the option to skip their next order. For example, if a customer is going on vacation, they could skip that month's delivery.
  • Edit frequency – This allows you to change how often you receive a product. For example, from once every three months to once every month.
  • Cancel subscription – Allows customers to cancel their subscriptions.