DELUXE 3/4 Fly Fishing Starter Package (7' Fly Rod)

The DELUXE 3/4 starter package has everything the complete package has PLUS an additional 7.5' 5X leader, a spool of tippet material and a total of 18 flies! Suitable fly pattern substations will be make if the flies pictured are unavailable.

Technical Specs

Model: AX34-070-4 DLX Pkg
Rod: 7', 4 Piece
Reel: 3/4 Die Cast Aluminum
Backing: 80 yards, 20#
Line: WF-3F
Leader: 7.5' 5X Tapered Monofilament
Fly Box: Wild Water's Small Fly Box
Flies: 18 Flies; Rod Case: Wild Water' 7' Case to hold rod, reel and fly box

Extended Information

Changing the Reel Retrieve Direction: All Wild Water starter package reels come preinstalled for left-handed retrieve. To change the reel retrieve from left hand to right hand, you need to first release the spool from the frame. Set the frame aside. On the inside of the spool, you will see a metal hexagonal clip that is held in place by small tabs and this clip is holding the bearing housing in place. Take a small screw driver and pry one of the ends of the clip out from under the tabs. Make sure you hold your finger over the clip so that it does not go flying out of the spool. Once you remove the clip, you need to flip the spool over and the bearing housing will come out. Flip the bearing house over and reinstall it. Replace the hexagonal clip to secure the bearing housing. At this point the reel retrieve direction in change, but you will need to strip off the the backing and line and reinstall it in the opposite direction--turn the drag knob all the way to the right to tighten it and you will only be able to freely turn the spool in one direction--that is the direction the line should go on the spool.

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