Wild Water Fly Fishing - CNC Machined Aluminum Fly Reel - 5/6 Complete Starter Package

You get our fantastic AX56-090-4 Series , 4 piece fly rod, a center disc drag CNC bar stock aluminum large arbor reel preloaded with backing, a weight forward (5 weight) floating fly line and 5X tapered leader, a rod sock, a rod case, a fly box with 9 flies and a spare leader. The rod is for 5 or 6 weight line and is great for everything from small trout and panfish to small bass. It will fish well at the local pond or on a trophy trout stream. This rod is designed by Wild Water to be very forgiving for the beginning fly caster yet sophisticated enough for an experienced angler to appreciate. When you look at the price you may need to read this a few times to believe it!!

Technical Specs

Model: AX56-090-4
Rod: 9', 4 Piece
Reel: This package comes with a Wild Water's Fortis Series, CNC machined aluminum fly reel with an adjustable disc drag
Backing: 100 yards, 20#
Line: WF-5F
Leader: 9' 5X Tapered Monofilament (2), one on reel and one spare
Fly Box: Wild Water's Small Fly Box
Flies: 9 Flies
Rod Case: Wild Water' 9' Case to hold rod, reel and fly box


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